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work stages :
first stage: a special team visits the workshop and take a realistic photos of the kitchens ,,

second : Several designees are proposal in 3D drawings ,, taking into consideration customer wishes and suggestions also electrical appliances needed in the design .

- the customer visits our showroom in order to choose the primer designs .
-after that a draft designs drawings are provided to customer who will choose the final approve design .

-then we offer the suitable price of the approve design ,, and in case of conformation by the customer a green light will be provided to start .

-as built drawings for electrical and sanitary are provided.. the team work double check the site workshop.
-then we provide as built drawing for land schemes .

-after executing the land scheme ,, our team will double check it and take the final measure upon which the kitchen will be executed .

finally ,,
our company will gladly provide any suggestions about “ sinks ,, electrical , appliances ,, kitchen decks ,, and faucets “
if needed .